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[Action A - Around Mayfield, December 26th]
[It's been a rough couple of weeks for everyone, but at least things seem to have settled down now.  Kono's hoping to never spend another Christmas in Mayfield, not if she has something to do about it.

Today, though, she's spreading a little bit of cheer.  In her stocking she got a few sweets, but also two small leis.  One she's keeping for herself, and she's wearing it around her neck.  The other she has taken apart to bring flowers to the people she knows around Mayfield. 

If you've met Kono during her stay so far, she's coming to your door with a smile and a flower, just for you.]

[Action B - 463 Stone Street, later on December 26th]
[Now that it's not freezing to the point of being unbearably cold, Kono's finally venturing outside to play a bit with the snow.  On the snow day she had a chance to make a snow angel, but now she's taking time to build a snowman in her front yard.  She hasn't gotten very far yet, but feel free to stop to talk or help.]
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[Kono had spent most of yesterday wandering around and gathering supplies and whatever she could improvise into weapons.  Investigating with Peter had confirmed that the worst was yet to come - whoever "they" were from the Mayor's suicide note.

She heard the engines around midnight and watched from the rubble as the trucks came to a stop.  The people who come out look bruised and broken, and something about them just isn't right.  Kono moves in for a closer look, and regrets it.

One has noticed her, and has moved over to where she's hiding.  He's armed, and there's something about the look in his eyes that makes Kono makes tense up, ready to fight.  When he approaches close enough, Kono jumps into motion, giving him a good kick to where he's he's holding his gun, but he doesn't register the pain, although he does drop his gun.  Letting out a sharp hiss, he lunges at her, jaws snapping, and Kono just barely gets out of the way.  She continues to fight back, but she can tell that while she's wearing out, he isn't. 
She's outmatched.

When she gets to her feet, she sees that more of them are already coming.  In the distance Kono can hear screams, but she can't worry about them now.  She needs to get out of here, now.

She runs for her life, and because most of them hadn't noticed her yet she slips away.  At least for now.]

[Action A - basement somewhere around town, Day 2]
[After getting away, Kono has managed to find herself a place to hide.  Most of her supplies are gone, dropped as she fled, but at least she's safe.  For now.

If you were with her yesterday, feel free to assume you're still with her today.  Or maybe you were in the basement already, hiding.

[Action B - out on the street, Day 2]
[Since Kono dropped many of her supplies, she's going to need to collect a few things.  Eventually, she braves the cannibals to go find something to eat or some basic medical needs.

If you see her, feel free to stop her.  Or if you are in trouble, she will stop to help you regardless of knowing her odds.  Her cop instincts to protect will kick in.]


[Action C - starts in the basement, Day 3 - closed]
[Kono and Peter have been holed up in the basement for the majority of Day 2, only venturing out to get very basic supplies and a little bit of food.  They had a game plan for the following day - head to Bunker Street to see if the DA safehouse was still an option.  However, they decided to leave the following morning, figuring it'd be easier to get around the cannibals in the light of day when the two of them can see them.

Little did they know what was coming on Day 3.  Kono wakes up with a mild headache, but shakes it off as she gets ready to move.  Getting somewhere safe is more important than a nagging pain in the back of her skull.  She turns to Peter, who seems to be slow getting himself together.]

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[Action A - Zemekis Corp. Offices, morning]
[Secretary.  This must be one of the worst jobs in Mayfield, although Kono really doubts that, honestly.  However, she is very, very sick of typing on an ancient typewriter, taking notes, filling coffee mugs, and hearing every pet name in the book.  After exploding at the first guy who called her sweetheart on her first day, she was just met with a cheery smile and drone-weird-creepiness.  She gave up fighting it, but today she's feeling extra pissy.

If you work in the office, Kono is breaking pencils at her desk.  Feel free to stop by her desk in the front and see why she's breaking poor, innocent pencils or grinding her teeth.]

[Action B - 463 Stone Street, afternoon/evening]
[After such an annoying day at work, Kono goes home and takes out her newly regained standard issue Hawaii Police Department gun.  It came with some ammo, and while she knows she needs to save it, she figured some target practice wouldn't hurt.  Plus it'd make her feel better, since she can't go surf like she really wants to.

After making sure the drone-kids are in the house reading or something, Kono sets some cans she found in the yard and shoots at them.  Her neighbors will be able to see her in the yard, focused intensely on shooting cans.  Be careful to announce your presence clearly before you talk to her, or you might get a gun whipped in your face.]

So, what does everybody do around here when you've had an annoying kind of day?  My go-to methods just aren't working for me today...

Is there any natural water anywhere in Mayfield?
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[If the past couple of days hadn't been crazy enough, what with the few people she knew being... just off, and then that big red blob of disgusting cherry goo, today Kono gets a face full of gas on her way out to work this morning.]

[Action A - Zemekis Corp. Offices, morning]
[Kono's noticing by the time she gets to work that she's starting feel a little taller.  As the morning continues, she notices the coffee cup she continues to refill for whoever just called her "doll" is getting smaller and smaller in her hand.  She decides to go find non-drone employees to see if they are having the same problems.  If you're working today, you'll see a slowing growing Kono looking for answers.]

[Action B - 463 Stone Street, afternoon]
[Kono's sitting on her lawn, now too big to fit in a building.  She's trying to figure out a battle plan for what to do about this problem.  If you're walking or a neighbor, feel free to stop and talk, or possibly plan with her.]

[Action C - Highway, early evening]
[Kono figures here she's less likely to crush an unsuspecting person, and also dammit she's going to at least try to find a way out.  Maybe if she hits the border she'll turn back to normal.  If you're on the highway, feel free to tell her the plan won't work, or if you have a better idea to turn back, feel free to share.]
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Hello?  Cuz?  Boss?  Danny?  If you three signed me up for some weird undercover thing without checking with me first, just because I'm the rookie, I will hack your bank accounts.  Danny, you know you don't have much in there.  You didn't even leave me my gun.


Anybody out there at all?  Where the hell am I?

[Kono has found the park - of course it's named John Doe - and is sitting on a bench.  In her long skirt. Without her gun.  She's sitting there with an "Oh shit" expression on her face, trying to figure out how she got stuck in what she thinks is a 1950's TV show.]


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